“Best goggles in the world”? Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles Review.

In this article, we will take a look at the Michael Phelps Xceed swimming goggles. Over the years, I have tried a lot of different swimming goggles from different brands. However, I discovered these goggles a year ago. These are my absolute favourite swimming goggles ever. Read on to find out why!

Which goggles?

MP Xceed Goggles

The goggles available in different colours, mirrored, tinted or transparent. I’ve got the yellow mirrored version (as I swim outside from time to time, it is better to use a mirrored version outside).

Now, can’t we all agree that these are gorgeous? It certainly draws attention at the swimming pool. I often find a lot of people staring at my goggles at the pool.

Why these goggles?

After using a lot of different goggles, I always found myself unhappy about the quality. I came across the following YouTube video and decided to give them a try.

While being skeptical, I still gave it a try because they looked cool and also, Michael Phelps wears them during his races.

Michael Phelps wears MP Xceed goggles.

Michael Phelps wears the MP Xceed goggles. Source: Latin Post.

How do they perform?

I bought them for about 35€, so these were not the most expensive pair of goggles (my Speedo V-Class are 70€), however, they weren’t the cheapest neither! I wasn’t too surprised that they worked well. Let’s take a look at the different features.

The Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles

MP Xceed Mirrored Goggles – Yellow

I got the mirrored yellow version, as I sometimes swim outside. They are pretty small, but they fit me perfectly (and people keep saying I have big eyes). I think this should not be an issue. During my first test: pressing them onto my eyes, the suction was created very easily and they even stayed on for a while like that. This is an easy test to know whether the goggles fit your face shape. Indeed, at the swimming pool they never leaked. Even with the roughest movements, I had no problem.


After my first swim I was very happy. During my third swim I was less happy.. The anti-fog layer was starting to come off, while I had taken care of the goggles as instructed in the manual.

  • Never touch the insides of the lens.
  • Rinse after swimming to remove chlorine.

However, the fog was only slight and didn’t bother me that much. After my workout I simply applied a ratio of 3 waters to 1 baby shampoo to the inside of the goggles, rubbed with my fingers (the anti-fog layer was already disappearing anyway) and let it dry before my next swim. During the next swim I simply put them in the water to remove the shampoo (but not entirely) before putting it on. They stayed fog-free for more than 2 hours and during the workout of the next day. It’s a good trick I use on all my goggles that don’t have the anti-fog anymore.

Lens Shape, Straps and Marks

These goggles are advertised for their custom lens shape, which allows a wider view to the sides of the goggles. It is obvious that the shape is different. Some users report having a distortion in the view. While I found this to be slightly true, the view was so clear and wide that it did not bother me. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Michael Phelps races with these.

The straps are incredibly easy to adjust and don’t slip. I have nothing to say about them, I just pull on the strap while they’re on my face until it’s tightened correctly. It takes just a second, while on other goggles, removing the goggles is sometimes necessary.

Goggle marks on the face? I usually work out for about 2 hours at the pool and yes, I do get goggle marks unfortunately. While I do get goggle marks, they are really comfortable.

 The Box

MP Xceed Goggles inside Box

The goggles come with a box. The contents of this box are the following:

  • 4 interchangeable nose pieces
  • A moisture absorbant bag that we should not eat 😉
  • A manual
  • The actual goggles.

Let’s start by talking about the box. It is small and doesn’t take up too much size in your swimming bag. It is amazing how small they have been able to make it, but it works.

One thing I do not like about the box is that, there are no ventilation holes! Only one small part is open, but it is not enough to dry out the goggles. I recommend not to let your wet goggles inside for a long time. As soon as I get home I will open the box somewhere to let fresh air dry the goggles.

Another thing I don’t like is the hook on the end of the box which cannot be removed.

The best goggles in the world?

Before saying that, let’s take a look at the advantages.

  • Very comfortable, good fit on the face.
  • They never leaked, neither with rough movements. Great seal.
  • Incredibly cool design. Intimidate your opponents 😉
  • Nice clear and wide view; unlike any other goggle I have ever tried. Great peripheral vision.
  • Good hydrodynamics, do not add drag when racing.

For me, these are my favourite goggles ever. I would describe them as the best goggles I have ever had and I guess I could agree to the Youtube video! But realistically, improvements are always possible. While these are mostly details, they would help improve the product.

  • The hook on the box.
  • No breathing holes on the box for drying the goggles.
  • Goggle marks on the face.
  • The anti-fog layer disappeared quickly (after 3 uses).

Take note, Aqua Sphere 🙂 ! (These are made by Aqua Sphere and branded Michael Phelps.)


The Michael Phelps Xceed are very high-quality goggles. While no goggles are perfect, these come very close to being 100% perfect. I have yet to find goggles that don’t make marks on your face. As for the anti-fog issue, baby shampoo is amazing, so those are no deal breakers.

If you are doubting about buying these goggles, I would say go for it. You won’t be disappointed. I will keep on using the Michael Phelps Xceed goggles as my main goggles, as I love them.

Feel free to comment with questions you might have 🙂 . The MP Xceed goggles can be purchased from the following links (the affiliate links support this blog, but don’t affect the prices for you).

Link to Amazon product: US | Germany | France | UK

This is an honest review. We did not receive any incentive for making this review.

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