Best Cheap Swimming Watch? Casio W59 Review

In this article we are going to review the Casio W59 and explain why it is the perfect watch for your swimming needs.

Casio W59


Some swimming pools don’t have clocks with seconds, or are just hard to time your swims. Or you might be looking for a swimming watch with more features.

Why Time Yourself?

As a swimmer, timing your 100m freestyle (for example) can give you a sense of fitness and achievement over time. If you never timed your 100m freestyle and one day time it, you won’t have any idea if it is any faster than it was a year ago. And if it is faster, it is an extra bonus to your swimming motivation.

Timing (and counting the amount of strokes in one lap) can also be used for measuring the efficiency of your technique. This means that with better technique, there will be faster times.

We Present: Casio W59

As you can see, the watch is incredibly cheap, at a price point of 10€. A swimming watch does not have to be expensive, it just needs to work. While there are many more expensive watches with more features (automatic lap counters, Bluetooth etc), this review is of a normal watch with a timer.

Why this watch? Well there are some requirements that need to be set up because it will be used underwater. That means, a swimming watch should be at least:

  • Waterproof
  • Include a stopwatch incl. milliseconds for accuracy
  • Show the time incl. the seconds 😉
  • Be accurate

Those traits can be found in many watches, however, the Casio W59 implements them accurately and cheaply at the same time.


The Casio W59 is water-resistant up to 5 bar (50m without any movements, less when swimming due to pressure from swim movements). 5 bar is the minimum water resistance required for being allowed to swim with a watch. However, if you want to press buttons (for example, the stopwatch) while swimming, you’ll need another watch. Casio watches that allow you to press buttons usually feature 20+ATM (200m) water proofing. So why am I recommending this watch? Because many people have reviewed it and have clicked those buttons underwater! They worked perfectly fine. Casio does not want to guarantee it in the manual, as they do not want to fix it in case the watch does break.

Considering the watch only costs about 10€, even if it does break, you could just buy another. That would still be cheaper than buying a more expensive 20+ATM watch. Did I click the buttons underwater? Yes I did, and after 10+ workouts like that, the watch is just fine. Yes it does break the warranty, but at this price, we really can’t complain or expect to use the warranty.


The Casio W59 is said to be accurate up to 30 seconds per month. For a watch of 10€, this is incredibly accurate. After 20 days of use, the watch is 0.5 seconds delayed. This is the reason this watch is better than cheap noname watches. I wouldn’t trust noname watches for being waterproofed well and their accuracy is not to be expected.


The Casio W59 includes a stopwatch that can be activated using a button. It can be reset, or even split (show the time when paused, while still counting). It shows the milliseconds and can count up to 1 hour. After 1 hour, the stopwatch starts counting from 0 again. I’ve used it a lot underwater and never had a problem.


If you are searching for an alternative swimming watch from Casio, just make sure that it is rated for at least 50m water-resistance. The Casio W59 is available in different colours and editions. However, the black silicone model (Casio W59) is the best for swimming, as this material does not absorb sweat and is not heavy.

While there are different styles available, we strongly recommend getting a black silicone strap when used for swimming, as this material will be lighter and more durable with water.


The Casio W59 is a great affordable watch for swimmers that works well underwater. It contains all the necessary sporty features.

+ Very light watch (19g).
+ The watch is small, so it won’t create drag in the water.
+ The strap is solid and it won’t come off during practice.
+ It is acccurate up to 30 seconds / month.
+ Simple and very easy to use.
+ It comes with extra features such as an alarm and an hourly beep.
+ Stopwatch which is accurate up to milliseconds.
+ Waterproof up to 50m, the minimum recommended for swimming.
+ The battery is said to last for up to 5 years.
+ Finally, the watch is very affordable.

– It has a built-in light for reading in the dark. However, this light is very weak. If this is important to you, have a look at the Casio Illuminator (shown below), which is basically the same watch with a better backlight.

Casio with better backlights:

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