Speedo V-Class Premium Goggles Review

Speedo V-Class Goggles (green version)

Speedo recently released its V-Class goggles. They were advertised by Akika Guevara in a short YouTube video.

They seemed pretty amazing, so we got a pair to test them out!

Unfortunately we couldn’t take photos as our equipment didn’t want to work. We’ll make sure to take photos in our next review!

First Impressions

Speedo V-Class Goggles (green version)

Speedo V-Class Goggles (green version)

Seeing it in its box, the first words that came to mind are: classy, premium, comfortable, crystal clear. The storage box is a bit bulky, but that could be seen as a more premium feel.

Immediately noticeable: the goggles are big and the nose bridge is not replaceable.

The unboxing experience was magical. The black box opens up with a magnet on its side. Then a storage case is revealed with the goggles, as shown on the above picture. We can tell that these goggles are a hot item for gifting to swimmers! The storage case has holes on its side to allow any water inside to evaporate, that’s a great design.

These goggles are made in Japan, and we could tell this from the amazing design and quality. They are made in different colours, and different styles are available for both men and women. We tested the black version.

The silicone of the goggles feels very durable and premium.

In-Depth Look

Next, we tested the seal of the goggles. As usually with the test of pushing the goggles onto your eyes, and seeing if suction is created properly. Results? The goggles stayed on my eyes without holding them and without using the strap. That’s an A+ for seal.

The goggles are fairly big, so these are definitely training goggles and not racing goggles, as they would add quite an amount of drag. The eye sockets are very big as well, they seem to fit above my eyebrow. The sockets are deep too, so no need to worry about your eyelashes touching the goggles every time you blink.


Speedo V-Class Goggles

Speedo V-Class Goggles – Full Image


The strap on these goggles consists of one band that splits into two bands at the back of the head. It is a flat strap and it certainly doesn’t slide during usage. The size is easily adjustable by pulling onto the strap near the eye sockets. However, I found that the strap is still quite big, even on its minimum size. Others have agreed to this too.

At first sight, the vision was good. The goggles allow you to see quite wide, and due to its big eye sockets, the view seems crystal clear. The goggles definitely feel premium.

In Practice

We first tested the goggles by putting our face underwater and seeing how that feels. It felt great, it had a very clear view and it did not leak.

Starting to swim freestyle however, the goggles immediately started leaking for me. There was a seal, but when pushing off the wall, or catching a breath in freestyle, the water would always leak on the sides of the goggles. The seal around the side of the head is quite big, and didn’t fit me. I tried another 6 laps, but it did not improve.

When swimming breaststroke, the goggles were leak-free, as long as I was not too fast and it was a good experience. They are comfortable, however not made for me, as swimming faster would cause them to leak.

I let two other friends try them, since they would leak for me. For one other friend, they would leak less than for me, but they’d still leak. Another friend tried it and they didn’t leak, were comfortable with a nice view.


Goggles never fit 100% of people. They did not fit me, but that doesn’t mean they won’t fit you, as it really depends on the shape of your head.

Here are the highlights of this product.

+ Very premium and classy feel
+ Nice premium cardboard magnetic box for gifting
+ Really nice storage box
+ Storage box has holes to let water evaporate 

+ Crystal clear view as advertised and confirmed
+ Comfortable
+ Noticeably reduced goggle marks
+ These are said to last 2x longer against anti-fog

~ Not ideal for racing, but great for long-distance training

– The strap’s minimum size is too big
– Nose bridge not replaceable in case it breaks
– High price

Overall it’s a great product, but it is slightly expensive for a pair of swimming goggles. Having said that, they do come with this very premium feel cardboard magnetic box and storage box. While that might not be necessary for you, we recommend the storage box. The cardboard box makes it a great to gift for your fellow swimmers.

If you are looking for a gift, we very much recommend these. Or if you want to treat yourself to some nice premium goggles, enjoy getting these! You won’t regret it.

While it is great for those reasons, if you need affordable goggles for racing, then these are not the pair you are looking for. The biggest downside of these goggles is the price. These cannot be used for competitive racing, but these are very comfortable.


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