Foggy goggles? We’ve got the solution!

Baby Shampoo?

Your goggles always fog up when you start swimming? If so, make sure to continue reading this article. We will teach you some cheap but very effective methods to get rid of foggy goggles once and for all! And no, it does not involve spitting into your goggles (although we do suggest this for completeness of the article, we do not actually recommend it).

First of all, why does the formation of fog occur? It is due to the difference in temperatures that the small drops of water that are inside the goggles will start to create mist. This will eventually fog up your goggles. Read more to find out what our cheap but effective solution is.

Anti-fog layer goggles usually don’t work well after a few swims, even from the best goggles, so we will not consider these as a solution in this article.

Suggestion 1: Spitting

Many of you should probably know that you could use spit. This suggestion can work if you use it in the following manner. Before you jump in the water and before your goggles are wet, you will have to spit inside of the goggles. A small amount will suffice. Then simply rub the spit everywhere on the goggles. Shortly rinse your goggles (not too long!) and put them on. Your goggles won’t become as foggy as easily.

We have tested out this solution and is this actually a good solution? We say NO! Do not use this method UNLESS you don’t have access to any of the below listed options. Here’s why.

  1. Rubbing your goggle’s lenses can scratch them and will also tear any of the leftover anti-fog layer. Very unrecommended unless the goggles are very old.
  2. You’re using your spit inside, which is not that fun, also don’t rinse the goggles in the pool water, otherwise you’re putting your spit in the pool! Not fun for your fellow swimmers.
  3. It wears off very quickly, after about 10-15 minutes, depending on the person’s spit.

How does it work? The spit is a slightly thicker coating than water. Putting this on the lenses will avoid letting the water get on the lenses.

Suggestion 2: Anti-fog sprays

Anti-fog sprays are similar to artificial spit. They work in the same way. Now, some brands are better than others. We tested the Cressi Anti-Fog Spray (see below).

It worked pretty well, but did tend to last only for about 30 minutes. Afterwards some re-applying is necessary, which didn’t always work well. It also still contains most of the disadvantages discussed in suggestion 1. Also, this method is the most expensive!

Do we recommend it? Well.. It’s okay! It’s not bad! It does the job, but it would be better if it lasted a bit longer and was cheaper. That’s why suggestion 3 comes up!

Solution: Baby Shampoo

Wait.. What? Baby shampoo? What are you talking about? Well, it turns out that a mixture of baby shampoo and water creates a thick coating on the goggles that won’t wear off for a very long time. In our >2 hour swim tests, the goggles never fogged up using this method. Why baby shampoo? Baby shampoo is supposed to be safer for eyes than adult shampoo, because that would sting!

How does it work?

Step 1. Buy baby shampoo

We have tested this method with both of the following shampoos, both were successful at avoiding the fog. Be careful of unhealthy ingredients in some baby shampoos, however.

Step 2. Buy a small bottle

You’ll need to mix the baby shampoo and the water into a smaller container that you can easily take with you to the swimming pool. Preferably a spray bottle that won’t leak, for the ease of use! What did we do? We actually just took some of those mini hotel shampoo bottles and re-used them for this purpose once empty.

Step 3. Mix the water and shampoo

Mix 1/4 baby shampoo together with 3/4 water in the bottle. Close the bottle and shake well.

Step 4. Prepare the goggles

About 30 minutes before swimming, apply the the mixture into the inside of the goggles on the lenses. Let it sit for a few minutes, make sure it gets everywhere on the inside of the lenses. Then remove any remaining liquid and prepare your swimming bag. Go to swim with the goggles and they won’t fog up anymore!

The baby shampoo can be used for a very long time and you won’t run out fast, it’ll take years before that bottle is empty!

Let us know your results and other frustrations with your swimming gear in the comments below!

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