Nabaiji Spirit (Decathlon) goggles review: surprisingly good!

Nabaiji Spirit swimming goggles. That’s what we’re going to review today! What are they, what do they look like? Let’s take a look! First of all, you should know that these are super affordable. They come at a price of 15€ or 12£. The following video demonstrates the goggles. Read more for our review and actual photos of the unit we tested.

Decathlon, Nabaiji and the suction test

As an avid sports fan, you might already be familiar with Decathlon. It’s a big shop selling everything you’d ever need for many different types of sports. Going into my local Decathlon shop, the isle for swimming is gigantic and they even let you try on swimming goggles to ensure they fit the shape of your face. One way to do this is the suction test, press the goggles onto your eyes without using the strap, they should generate some suction – if there is no suction, they are not fit for your face and will leak water or be too tight. However, this depends on the type of Decathlon shop, some are bigger than others. Generally speaking, the smaller Decathlon shops are still very big. They have their own brand called Nabaiji which has very affordable items with a good quality.

These specific goggles are called the Nabaiji Spirit goggles and are described as goggles for training and keeping fit.


Nabaiji Spirit Features

The Nabaiji Spirit goggles boast to have a wide vision of 150°, a flexible frame and soft gaskets. They also come with an easy way to adjust the size, by pressing buttons at the same time and sliding the strap. The excess strap is then secured with a silicone clip. We put all of this to the test in the practical review section.

Product Photos

Photos of the actual product we reviewed can be found below. It comes with a storage case that is big and easy to store the goggles in. The goggles don’t move once inside and the goggles are very easy to insert (unlike some other goggle cases), so that’s a plus.

Nabaiji Spirit: Product Box

Nabaiji Spirit, back and box

Nabaiji Spirit, Front

Lenses style

While I usually opt for mirrorred swimming goggles, I went for clear ones this time. The reason I prefer mirrored or faded goggle lenses is due to the fact that they can be used both outside and inside, while it is not good to use clear lenses when the sun is too strong. Since I have few clear lens goggles, this was the perfect opportunity. Another reason is that the only mirrored version of these goggles (in the large size) has yellow mirrorred lenses, while the clear one had a nicer design in my opinion. The advantage is that clear lenses do provide a much better vision when swimming indoors. And these goggles provide you with a very clear vision, I’m impressed.


They come in a few different colours. I’m going to review styles specific to the large version. There is the yellow (called black/grey), red and blue version as shown in below images.

Nabaiji Spirit: Black Grey

Nabaiji Spirit: Red

Nabaiji Spirit: Blue

They all look nice, while I do prefer the blue version myself. The design is regular, it won’t stand out, but it still looks nice. However, when compared to some other swimming goggles we have reviews, the Michael Phelps XCEED goggles (have a look at our review) still stand out to be the most fancy in terms of design. However, in terms of usage, they are very different, since the Nabaiji has very big lenses for a big field of vision.

Design: regular, but not exceptional.

Practical Review

Immediately noticeable is the size. These are not small and I would not recommend them for competitions (note : we are talking about the L size goggles, assuming that the S is meant for children). The way these are designed makes it very obvious that the purpose for these is for training or leisure. While competition goggles usually hug your eyes, these leave a big comfortable gap around the seal and your eyes. There is also more depth to the lenses, making it very comfortable (avoiding the eyebrow-touching-lenses feeling). These goggles are obviously great for comfort, but not for racing.


We have tested the goggles twice and the anti-fog coat seemed to last well, however this usually disappears after 2 to 5 uses and we always recommend using an anti fog solution, some of which can be cheap. The anti-fog layer in some other goggles disappeared as fast as after one use, even though these came from famous brands.

Shape, straps and 150° view

This was another very surprising aspect. The view is great and very clear. Due to the big size of the clear lenses a lot of light comes in and allows you to see very clearly. Some areas did look slightly blurry, but overall it is a very clear view. The lenses are slightly curved for this 150° effect.

As for the straps, you can easily tighten or loosen the gogges by pushing the button and sliding the strap in or out. A silicone clip then holds the excess strap together. My problem was that this silicone was too loosen and did not hold the excess strap well. When putting on the goggles, I would always accidentally move this excess strap, making it slightly harder to put on the goggles. However, once they are on, they stay on well.

150° view: great, although slightly blurry at some areas. Straps work well but are not perfect.


Are these goggles leak-proof? With some gentle swimming, water won’t come in. However, once you add in fast wall kick-offs or racing into the equation, these do start to leak some water. Fortunately due to the deep lenses, the few water that comes in doesn’t disturb too much, in case it does get in. For this reason, I will not recommend these for racing. For training, these appear to be just enough leak-proof, although there have been 3-4 times that I had to remove water from the goggles during my 1-hour training due to strong wall kick-offs

Leak-proof: Sufficient for training and leisure purposes.


These were comfortable. These did leave some rings around the eyes, but it was minimal and I did not have much discomfort with these.

Comfort: comfortable but do leave some rings around eyes.


Great quality goggles with exceeding quality than expected for such a small price of 15€. Allows for training with great vision. Has some minor water leaks if swimming in a rougher manner, but it is perfect for training purposes. I would definitely recommend these if you are in search of some training goggles.

Like this product? Get it from Decathlon (not affiliated): UK | DE | NLBE | FR | ES | PT | CN | TW (sorry if your country is not included in this list, there are Decathlon stores in so many countries ;-)).

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