Arena Ergo Plug: The Review

Earplugs can save swimmers from diseases and pain such as the swimmer’s ear. The problem is that finding good swimming earplugs might not always be easy. In this article, we’ll review the Arena Ergo earplugs while explaining what to look out for in swimming ear plugs.

Arena Ergo Ear plugs


The arena ergo earplugs themselves are fairly inexpensive, coming at a price around 5€. They come in a small plastic packaging, including a plastic carrying case. By itself, it’s very useful to have a carrying case for the earplugs, as otherwise, you’ll have to find a way to keep them clean within your swimming bag.

Arena Ergo ear plugs

We won’t go into detail on why swimming earplugs can be good or bad, as this is already available in our previous article, Mack’s Aquablock Review

When fitting the arena ergo earplugs, the shape is a bit strange, it has three corners. The orientation for these corners are not explained in any manual. The flange that enters your ear feels quite rough during use.

Swimming Experience

The right arena ergo ear plug would fit cosy and stay there as needed. The ear plugs don’t stick out too much, so they are not being pushed too much by the swimming cap, which is a nice feature. Unfortunately, the left earplug seemed to be a tighter fit and wouldn’t stay there. Instead, it just kept falling out. But nevertheless, hoping that my swimming cap would keep it in, I tried it while swimming.

For my right ear, it was perfect, as it would stay in and the water would not get in. For my left ear unfortunately, the sizing was not right (I guess not all ear canals are the same size!). The water would just come in and the earplug would fall into the water, making me unable to keep using these earplugs.

Conclusion and Rating

The arena ergo are good earplugs that are very affordable. They come with a useful carrying case. The shape is slightly too rough and the sizing needs to be perfect, as these are easily to fall out of your ears. Once they are in and positioned well, they work well. All in all, I’d still recommend them, but you’ll have to be lucky for the size to be perfect for your ears.

Easy Fit

In comparison, Mack’s Aquablock ear plugs are more comfortable due to its softness. These are a lot more easy to fit different kinds of ears, but the long shape makes it slightly more difficult to wear under a swimming cap.

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