Top 5 Swimming Gear Must-Haves

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Most of us swimming fanatics love to get more and more swimming gear! What if you’re just getting into swimming? Here are 5 must-have swimming gear items! This is while considering that you most likely already have a swimming suit, swimming cap and other very essential swimming items.

1. Perfect Swimming Goggles

Michael Phelps Xceed Swimming Goggles
Michael Phelps Xceed Goggles

Probably the most crucial swimming gear for better technique and enjoyment of the sport. Swimming goggles can be the entire difference between a fun swim and a frustrating swim, where water keeps going into your eyes, or your goggles leave painful marks on your face.

From all the reviewed swimming goggles, our favourite swimming goggles are still the Michael Phelps Xceed goggles. They are incredibly comfortable, sleek and watertight. 

2. A Pull Buoy

A Pull Buoy has many advantages if used in the correct way. We have described just this in our previous article on why pull buoys are awesome, but at the same time dangerous as they can cause laziness. In our eyes, every swimmer needs one good pull buoy. The two biggest advantages are:

  • Allows us to isolate and practice our upper-body mucles
  • Allows us to focus more on techniques, such as body roll

Just make sure you still practice more without pull buoy than with, as they can be dangerously addictive and make a workout more relaxed.

3. Swimming Ear Plugs

Depending on your sensitivity to the chemicals in a swimming pool, such as chlorine, you might want to consider swimming ear plugs. It can prevent us swimmers from getting the swimmer’s ear and thus allows us to swim more while staying healthy! As an added bonus, it does reduce the sound from the surroundings, allowing us to peacefully swim.

4. Swimming Fins

Swimming fins can have different advantages depending on whether it is a short or long fin and its flexibility. It allows us to swim faster and longer, and it’s just too much fun swimming with fins, which is why every swimmer should have one, just to stay motivated and switch around their schedule! 

Other than that, it does have advantages for the training, however, we’ll go in-depth on swimming fins in a next article.

5. Swimming Watch

Casio W59 waterproof watch
Casio W59

Have you been swimming for a while and you don’t know what your progress is? Well, swimming progress can be measured with time. Swimming pool clocks are not always present or visible from every corner of the swimming pools. Instead, bring your own waterproof watch for timing your laps yourself. 

There are some more expensive swimming watches out there, but you could also choose a very affordable waterproof watch. Have a look at our review of the Casio waterproof watch. Our readers have shown a lot of interest in this watch and it is definitely trending in the swimmer’s market.

Stay tuned for a review of a more technological swimming watch soon!

What about you?

Is there any swimming gear you would have put in this list, but that we haven’t? Let us know in the comments and we’ll follow up with an article about it!

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