We think every swimmer should regularly use a pull buoy. Never used a pull buoy? Find out why you should in this article! If you don’t have good swimming goggles yet, consider reading our goggles review article first.

A pull buoy is an 8-shaped flotation device that sits between your thighs. Typical pull buoys look like the this:

We present 4 common reasons for using a pull buoy and the dangers of over-use. Finally we conclude why every swimmer should use a pull buoy.

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With a big market of swimming accessories, it is hard to distinguish which ones are good. Are ear plugs doing more damage than good? In this article we will take a look at the importance of ear plugs, and review Mack’s Aquablock Swimming Ear Plugs.

Mack's Aquablock Ear Plugs

Mack’s Aquablock Ear Plugs – Full Size

Are Swimming Ear Plugs Necessary?

This depends on your body. Here’s what we have found. Swimming without ear plugs is generally fine, but it depends on some factors such as frequency. Some people have tight corners in their ear canals, making the water very hard to remove once it gets in there. Leaving the water inside your ears can cause infections such as the swimmer’s ear.

It isn’t a big investment, but it is a big improvement.

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